Ask a Honda Technician

Ask a Honda Technician

Ask a Honda Technician

At Chatham Honda, located in Chatham, Ontario, we have professional in-house technicians available to service your vehicle. Whatever problem your vehicle is experiencing, our trained professionals have the skills and expertise to get your vehicle operating as it should. We are always here to offer you efficient and quick mechanical services at your convenience.

How Often Should I Change the Oil?

Your vehicle owner's manual will give your recommendations on when the oil should be changed. Keep track of how many kilometres you drive to determine if your vehicle needs an oil change. If you drive your car in the city for only short trips, especially during the winter months, you should change your oil every three months or 5,000 kilometres. However, if you are unsure of when to change your car's oil, schedule a service appointment with us, and we can check for you.

How Often Should I Rotate My Tires?

Many professionals advise that the tires on your vehicle should be rotated every 8,000 to 11,000 kilometres. However, it's a great idea to double-check your owner's manual to search for the correct tire rotation schedule for the make and model of your vehicle. If you are rotating tires yourself, make sure to check if you have directional tires. Doing so will help you avoid issues with rotation.

Why Is the Engine Check Light On?

There are multiple reasons why the check engine light is on. For example, the cause might be a loose gas cap, engine misfire, or a broken oxygen sensor. Your car's manual will give you an idea of troubleshooting steps for warning lights. If your check engine light is illuminated and blinking, contact us to schedule a service appointment right away, as this means that your Honda requires immediate attention.

How Often Should I Change My Filters?

A clogged air filter can affect the engine’s performance and raise fuel consumption. It may also play a part in the contamination of the engine oil. It is recommended to check your air filter every time your oil is changed. Doing this step will help ensure your engine runs optimally.

Visit our service and parts centre to learn more about the servicing process and the parts we use to service your vehicle.

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