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Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Air Filters

Cabin Air Filter

Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Air Filters

At Chatham Honda, one task we often have is changing air filters. Our Service Centre has the right parts and skills to handle this job quickly and efficiently, and you and your vehicle will benefit from having your filters replaced. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about your car's air filters!

What Does a Cabin Air Filter Do?

This filter helps clean the air inside your seating area, the air you and your passengers breathe while you're in the vehicle. Your HVAC system's air goes through this filter before moving into the cabin, upon which pollutants like pollen and dust can be trapped. The filter needs to be replaced periodically because otherwise, it can get clogged.

What Does an Engine Air Filter Do?

The engine air filter removes particles and pollutants from the air that enters your engine. Dust, sand, dirt, and other debris could damage the engine's internal components, leading to costly repairs down the line. Like cabin air filters, engine air filters are pleated and can be made of natural or synthetic materials. A filter can get very dirty over time and will need to be swapped out for a new one to ensure adequate air filtration.

Signs My Engine Air Filter Needs to Be Changed

There are several signs your vehicle needs new air filters:

  • Your engine is slow to turn on
  • Your engine is making noises when idling
  • Your car accelerates relatively slowly
  • There is a gasoline odour when starting the engine
  • Black smoke is coming from the exhaust

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