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Tire Centre in Chatham, Ontario

Tire Department in Chatham, ON

At Chatham Honda, we are proud to provide drivers in and around Chatham, Ontario, with the best automotive services to keep their vehicles running at their best. With seasons changing, you should consider having your tires swapped or changed through our Tire Department.

Available Services

Through our dealership, you will have a convenient location to get everything done to your vehicle that it might need. Our numerous services include a Service Centre that can perform minor or major repairs, a Tire Department that provides tire services and sales, a Finance Centre with excellent financing options, and many more. Regardless of your automotive needs, we are confident that we can help you make your ownership experience seamless and effortless.

Reasons To Use Different Types Of Tires

Depending on your driving habits and the environment you drive through, you might require two sets of tires to commute safely. Although it seems to be common sense, having summer and winter tires can help you extend the life of each set for longer since you won't have to experience low traction situations when using the wrong type of tire for the season. Tire swaps are a cost-effective method to avoid paying for tire mounting on the same set of wheels every season, so consider having two sets of wheels to avoid paying for the same service.

Schedule A Service Appointment

You can shop for genuine Honda OEM parts and accessories through our Parts Centre and our Service Centre will gladly help you install those parts. Our friendly technicians are factory trained, and they know your Honda inside and out, so you can have complete peace of mind during every visit. If your vehicle requires new tires or a tire swap, you should contact us to schedule a service appointment.