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Honda Lease Return Centre

Honda Lease Return Centre

What Are Your Options At The End Of A Lease?

Many new Honda models are available in our new inventory, providing you with endless options to choose from when starting or replacing your lease. At Chatham Honda, we strive to deliver the highest degree of professionalism, and we always go above and beyond during every visit. When it comes time for you to lease a Honda, let our experts make the entire process as seamless and effortless as possible.

End Of Lease Options

1. Return Your Honda & Lease A New One

The process of returning a leased Honda and leasing a newer model is straightforward. You will want to view the available Honda models around six months before your last payment. Once you are two to three months away from the lease end, you should reach out to the Lease Maturity Centre to know how to return your Honda and if you qualify for Honda Loyalty Benefits. If you have exceeded the mileage agreed upon or have excessive wear and tear on your leased Honda, you should schedule a pre-termination inspection.

2. Purchase Your Leased Honda

To purchase your leased Honda, you will want to get a payoff quote by logging into your account. Afterwards, make sure to contact the Lease Maturity Centre to notify your intent to purchase the leased vehicle. Finally, make the payment, and the vehicle will be yours.

3. Return Your Honda

Returning your Honda is the same process as returning it and leasing a new one, except you won't have to consider which Honda you wish to drive next. You will need to speak to the Lease Maturity Centre, and you can schedule a pre-termination inspection for further peace of mind.

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If your leased Honda period is coming to an end, we at Chatham Honda can help you with whichever lease-end option you wish to pursue. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we will walk you through the entire lease-end process.

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