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Benefits Of Custom Ordering vs. Buying From The Lot

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Benefits Of Custom Ordering vs. Buying From The Lot

When shopping for a new vehicle this year, you will find that the chip shortage has affected the shopping experience by reducing the number of vehicles available on dealership lots. Due to this issue, you might find yourself shopping through a selection that's not as wide as before, but don't worry since our experts at Chatham Honda can help you secure your dream Honda model with all the features and options you desire. Our friendly associates can help you build and price any Honda model and trim, allowing you to configure your new vehicle to fit your requirements.

Custom Making Your Car

When you choose to build and price your Honda through our dealership, you will enjoy having total control over customizing it in various ways. You will begin by choosing a model from our selection, such as a hatchback, pickup truck, sedan, SUV, or minivan. Then, you will get to pick the trim level that you desire, and you can view all of its features. While configuring your new Honda, you can view the available transmission and drivetrain options, and you will always know the MSRP of your desired configuration. You can even get an estimate of the leasing or financing of that specific vehicle, along with a breakdown of monthly payments.

Add or Remove Packages

Once you have your Honda model and trim picked out, you will be able to shop through optional packages and accessories to enhance your new vehicle's utility to match your lifestyle. Some of the features can be offered as optional, allowing you to pick and choose what to equip on your new Honda. With accessories, you will find various options that enhance comfort, practicality, interior protection, exterior protection, utility, and storage. Another benefit to adding packages or accessories before delivery is that they can usually be included in the finance agreement and installed before delivery to allow you to begin enjoying your new Honda to its fullest right away.

Vehicle Shortages

Another benefit to custom ordering your new Honda is avoiding the hassles of dealing with various issues caused by the vehicle shortage due to the lack of chip supply. When you pre-order your new Honda, you won't have to compromise or settle on a vehicle that lacks the features you want or a model that's not the exact colour you wish to drive. Also, you will have more predictability since you will know when your dream Honda will be delivered, and you will have some time to get your current vehicle sold or prepared to be a trade-in towards your new purchase.

Be The First To Drive Your Honda

Sometimes, shopping from the lot can mean purchasing a vehicle with a few hundred kilometres of mileage, which isn't usually an issue for many customers. However, if you prefer being the only person to drive your Honda, a custom order is the perfect option. When you choose pre-ordering, your new Honda will only have delivery mileage, meaning that you will be the first person to get into the driver's seat and hit the road.

Contact Chatham Honda To Pre-Order Your Vehicle

Once you build and price your Honda and configure it with all of the features and options you want, reach out to our Finance Centre to discuss the available financing and leasing options. You can depend on our dealership to get you the best payment terms and rates, and even after leaving our dealership with your new Honda, you will be able to return for reliable service through our Service Centre. You will want to visit our dealership in Chatham, Ontario, to get the best Honda shopping, purchasing, and ownership experience.