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Trade-In Estimate at Chatham Honda

At Chatham Honda, we offer consumers in and around our home of Chatham, Ontario the chance to trade in their current vehicles before perusing our new inventory for their dream model. Trade-ins aren't just convenient, they're a great way of saving you more on your next purchase. Fill yourself in on the process below before visiting our dealership to sell us your car.

Why Should I Trade My Vehicle In?

Firstly, trading your car in at Chatham Honda is a convenient way to go, as you can sell us your vehicle and buy your next one all in the same place. Not only does this spare you the hassle and risk of selling privately, it also means you can work the final sales price into your new finance agreement, which would give you some extra financial breathing room and save you more on your next car.

How Much Is My Trade-In Worth?

Your trade-in's value depends on a variety of factors. A great way to determine your car's market value is through our online appraisal tool below. Once you've entered its make, model, year, and mileage below, you'll quickly obtain an estimated value, after which you can visit our dealership to hammer out a final price with one of our staff. We'll take several factors into account, including your vehicle's cleanliness, mileage, condition, and maintenance history, and work with you to determine a fair sales price.

When Do I Trade My Car in to Get the Best Value?

Since a vehicle's value gradually decreases over time, it's best to trade your car in before its odometer hits 100,00 km. Many consumers trade their vehicles in with the intention of buying a new one, and winter is the ideal time to do it, since dealers often clear their lots by then for the new model year and offer the outgoing new models at a discount.

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How Do Car Dealers Determine Trade-In Value?

In addition to assessing your vehicle's condition, dealers will also look at your model's popularity and abundance on the market when determining its value. Not only will a dealer see whether their fleet already includes identical or similar models, they'll also take into account how quickly and easily it can be re-sold, as trade-ins typically join a dealer's used inventory.

If you're due for your next vehicle and looking to trade in your current car, start by obtaining its estimated value with our appraisal tool below, and contact us at Chatham Honda at your convenience to get started.