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What is the HondaLink App and How Does it Work?

What is the HondaLink App

With the introduction of internet-connected vehicles, mobile applications are now an integral part of your driving experience. The HondaLink app is one of the best examples of the automotive industry leveraging technology. Built with different technologies, HondaLink allows the automaker to provide additional features that make your driving experience easier. Let's explore what the HondaLink app is and what it can offer.

What is HondaLink?

HondaLink is a mobile app with convenient features and services for Honda drivers. It allows you to integrate your mobile device with your Honda, giving you quick access to information for better control. You also have the option to purchase additional services. 

HondaLink Technology Features

Installing the application allows you to take advantage of many technology features available. These include Bluetooth phone pairing, enhanced roadside assistance, and automatic collision notification, along with numerous other features. 

Benefits of HondaLink

Quick installation of the HondaLink app lets you connect your car to your mobile device and get important information. You will have access to range estimates, climate preconditioning options, battery status and charging locations nearby.

Compatible Models

Most Honda models, especially the more recent releases, are equipped with HondaLink. However, it is essential to note that some available features vary depending on your plan. The free plan is available on all models, while the remote package is available only on the Touring, the Black Edition and all trims for the 2023 Accord.

Cost and Pricing Options

As a new vehicle owner, you can take advantage of a one-year trial period HondaLink offers. After that, you have to choose between the free and remote packages. Each includes access to different services and features. The free plan has basic functionalities, including service appointments, roadside assistance and vehicle guides.The remote package includes stolen vehicle locator, personal data wipe, remote start and stop, speed alert and more -- it comes at a cost of either $12 per month or $129 for the full year. 

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HondaLink allows drivers to commute safely and get even more connected with their vehicles. Learn more about how the app works when you visit our Chatham Honda dealership for a test drive of one of the models.