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When to Change Your Oil for the Season

When to Change Your Oil for the Season

When to Change Your Oil for the Season

Changing your motor oil is one of the most essential steps in the winterization process, as thicker, high-viscosity oils typically used in summer can strain your starter and battery. Ideally, you want to finish winterizing your car before the first cold front of the season. In Ontario, we usually see the first snowfall in October or November. You should prepare your vehicle for winter ahead of time, so you aren’t stuck scrambling at the last minute.

Choosing the Best Motor Oil for Winter

In addition to consulting your vehicle’s manual, you must select an oil with a low viscosity for winter. While some people use 5W-30 year-round, some vehicles may recommend an oil with a lower viscosity. Be careful not to choose a motor oil with too low viscosity. If the viscosity is too low, the oil will not properly lubricate the engine. If the oil has too high of viscosity, the oil will be too thick to flow through the engine once the seasons change.

You will also need to select between synthetic and conventional motor oil. Synthetic oils are more refined and have performance-enhancing additives. Conventional oil tends to be more affordable and is often recommended for older vehicles. If you aren’t sure which oil is suitable for your vehicle, contact us, and our knowledgeable service staff can let you know.

Oil Change Near Chatham, Ontario

Knowing when to change your oil and selecting the right oil for your vehicle is crucial. Your engine oil helps keep your vehicle moving. Without proper motor oil, you may be causing strain on your engine. Whether you need help fully preparing your car for the season or getting an oil change, we are here to help! Visit our Service Centre in Chatham Honda in Chatham, Ontario, today to learn more.

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