Benefits Of Pre-Ordering A Honda Vehicle

Benefits Of Pre-Ordering A Honda Vehicle

Why Pre- Order? Benefits Of Pre-Ordering A Honda Vehicle - Chatham Honda

At Chatham Honda, we have been supporting our local community of Chatham, Ontario, and the surrounding areas with excellent automotive services to meet the transportation needs of our customers. With the recent shortages, our dealership is moving towards pre-orders for new Honda models, giving customers a more predictable and secure purchasing experience. Contact us today and let our experts help you pre-order your new Honda.

Customize Your Vehicle

With the current supply shortages, pre-ordering your new Honda is a fantastic way to customize it to your specific liking. Since our inventory is constantly selling faster than supply, you will want to pre-order your new Honda to choose your desired model and trim level. On top of getting the exact vehicle you want, pre-ordering allows you to pick the exterior and interior colour options, choose from various available packages, and add any Honda accessories that you might need. Reach out to our friendly associates today, and learn more about the process of pre-ordering a new Honda from us at Chatham Honda.

Pick Payment Options

While pre-ordering your new Honda vehicle, you will also have the opportunity to explore various ways to pay for it. The most common method customers choose to secure their new Honda purchases is financing, which usually suits most situations. With financing, you will have monthly payments over a term period and an interest charge that varies depending on your credit situation. Another method for getting a new Honda vehicle is leasing, which has monthly payments, similar to long-term renting. At the lease end period, you will have the option to purchase your Honda vehicle, opt for another lease, or end the lease agreement. Lastly, you can always purchase your new Honda in cash in full, or you can put down a down payment while financing the remaining owed amount.

Add or Remove Packages & Accessories

During the factory pre-ordering of your Honda vehicle, you will have control over which packages and accessories you get on your new purchase, giving you the exact features you need from your new Honda.

Beat The Market & Get a Custom Honda

With the microchip shortages affecting the supply chain of new vehicles, it's very difficult to be able to walk into a dealership to purchase your dream Honda straight from the showroom. Instead, the best way to guarantee a vehicle for yourself is by pre-ordering your new Honda through our dealership at Chatham Honda. Not only will we walk you through the entire process of customizing and configuring your new Honda, but we will also assist you during every step of the shopping and purchasing process.

Be The First One To Drive Your New Honda

The current market for vehicles presents lots of challenges for dealerships that make it difficult to keep their inventory stocked, which has led some dealers to start reconditioning vehicles that were otherwise best suited for the auctions. Due to this issue, you will experience a harder time finding quality vehicles while shopping for pre-owned examples. At Chatham Honda, we have kept our promise to keep our quality the same, and we can help your pre-order a new Honda to avoid the headaches that come with shopping for a vehicle during this tough market situation.

Financing Options At Chatham Honda

Once you explore our vast lineup of Hondas and narrow your vehicle search to the model and trim that best suits your specific needs, make sure to reach out to our Finance Centre to learn more about the available financing options. We currently accept vehicle trade-ins, giving you a convenient way to sell your older vehicle while saving off the purchase price of your new Honda.

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